Antidecubitus mattress

Tri-Flex is a high-quality, durable and pressure relieving antidecubitus system, which is ideal for  all care areas in hospitals, palliative care, rehabilitation centers, nursing and retirement homes as well as in homecare. Our Tri-Flex mattress facilitates a multitude of positioning techniques with minimum use of any positioning aids.

Patient weight: max. 185 kg

System consists of:

  • 3 mattress segments of 50 mm each
  • 2 differently sized positioning wedges

Special product features:

  • suitable for patients with high risk for decubitus
  • mattress is usuable on one side
  • reduces pressure peaks by optimum pressure distribution within the viscoelastic surface
  • 5-segment design allows total flexibility and freedom in positioning through folding, rolling and just a few hand moves
  • flexible adaptation to every nursing bed and patient
  • 4 combines PU-foam layers for general well-being and excellent comfort
  • savings potential on alternating pressure systems
  • easy to clean (cover washable and wipeable)
  • suitable for allergics