sleep-MAX® pillows

sleep-MAX® products are predominantly used in areas with high danger of infections and where allergies and incontinence are of great significance. Therefore, the pillows are ideal for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing and retirement homes, homecare and also in hotels and wellness areas.

Special product features: 

  • very high sleeping comfort due to high breathability
  • long lifespan in comparison to regular pillows and duvets
  • breathable and ultrasonically sealed (seamless) PU hygienic cover with patented PneumaPure™ filtering system
  • high breathability
  • liquid tight
  • highly elastic
  • germ proof against bacteria, viruses and fungus
  • impenetrable to blood, secretions and urine
  • no washing needed, wiping is sufficient
  • reduced need for replacement and additional pillows resulting in significant cost savings
  • free from latex and phthalates
  • suitable for allergics