Seat and wheelchair cushion

The seat and wheelchair cushion supports a correct posture thus reducing strain on muscles, Ligaments, bones or joints and protects inner organs. Respiration and pulmonary function improves while facilitating the driving of the wheelchair.

Moreover, shear forces which are causing a sacral sitting position due to continuous sliding in the wheel chair are eliminated thus avoiding pressure sores.

Patients weight: max. 130kg

Special product features:

  • adapts perfectly to body contours
  • pressure reducing
  • improves posture of the patient
  • protects from slippage and lateral subsidence
  • high degree of seeting comfort
  • reduced body fixation to chair and Wheel chair needed
  • reduces danger from injury
  • highly elastic
  • liquid tight
  • verhy high breathable
  • germ proof against bacteria, viruses and fungus
  • impenetrable to blood, secretions and Urine
  • free from latex and phtalates
  • suitable for allergics